Sarvis.AI: The investment landscape of 2024 transformed after the Sora explosion, driven by the convergence of AI and Web3 technologies.

Introduction: Sarvis.AI, dedicated to crafting a super AI steward, has recently stirred discussions in the venture capital realm. At a time when Sora is making a remarkable ascent and mainstream digital assets see a resurgence in value, the underlying connections unveil early investment opportunities accessible to everyone in 2024. This article delves into the analysis, elucidating the novel direction of AI+Web3.

Sora Accelerates the Progress of the Ultimate Narrative in AI.

AI+Web3 is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends in the digital asset market in 2024, with core assets of related concepts experiencing more than a fourfold increase in market value. However, the release of Sora has triggered a disruptive iteration in the AI field, laying bare the limitations of many early AI+Web3 projects.

In the brief week following the release of Sora, numerous vertical tracks around Narrow Artificial Intelligence (NAI) have become ‘antiques.’ The author conducted research on the top 20 market-cap AI Crypto projects, discovering that over half are narrative models built on infrastructure frameworks carrying Narrow AI services. It’s evident that this narrative mode is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving real AI ecosystem.

OpenAI has expedited the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) through the release of Sora. The high-level language understanding and simulation of the real world by AI behind high-fidelity text-to-video represents a disruptive leap for AGI, shortening the estimated decade-long timeline for the ultimate AI narrative. Simultaneously, the era of technological empowerment is on the horizon, signifying that the new technological pain point lies in the empowerment based on AIGC. This is poised to become a crucial integration point for AI+Web3.

The Black Box Dilemma of AI+Web3 Narratives

The current state of AI+Web3 is Schrödinger-esque, where the limitations of top projects, combined with irrational investments, have turned the primary market of the ‘Narrative-only’ into the cat inside the black box. Investors cannot perceive the internal operations and technological accumulations of projects, nor can they see substantial use cases. However, relying solely on narrative-driven promotion for high-tech engines like AI+Web3 appears illogical.

“This aligns with the ethos of Web3, but it contradicts the essence of AI.” stated researchers at Sarvis.AI

Indeed, the true unicorn unlocking the black box in the AI realm is OpenAI. The question of whether an AI+Web3 project holds future investment value suddenly has a concrete answer: Embrace Sora, build on AGI.


The black box dilemma has, to a large extent, overdrawn the true potential of the AI+Web3 track. However, it has also motivated more high-quality, native AI teams to actively enter the market. Historical data suggests that the resurgence in the value of mainstream digital assets prompts investors to reduce positions in secondary mainstream coins and shift their focus to the potential value of trending tracks. Therefore, the beginning of 2024 is widely regarded as the best time to lay the groundwork for early opportunities.

In response to this, Sarvis.AI stated, “The potential value of AI+Web3 primarily stems from three aspects — firstly, a deep technical integration driven by AI to enhance productivity; secondly, AGI services based on linking with reality; and thirdly, the explosive potential around AIGC to build an open-source AI Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform.

Based on the above analysis, Sarvis’ native AI team initiated a strategic layout grounded in AGI over two years ago, unveiling the first experimental AI RPA application, SumUp. This move served to motivate users to engage in social data feeding and assistant-type AGI training, thereby establishing dual competitive barriers from technology to data.


How to Screen for High-Quality AI Crypto in 2024

2024 marks the true inaugural year of AI+Web3, where investors will witness a plethora of projects and assets in related fields. Considering that the criteria for screening quality projects may overlap, the author will provide three key assessment dimensions.

Firstly, practical application. Due to the black box dilemma, a narrative-only approach cannot truly leverage market sizes ranging from hundreds of billions to trillions, especially under the scrutiny of global capital. The core logic is that unprecedented developments in the AI field will accelerate market eliminations, inevitably triggering a ripple effect in the AI Crypto competition. Current high market valuations will become a reverse indicator of potential value under this premise. Application landing, on the other hand, can serve as a reverse confirmation of a project’s technological accumulation and competitive barriers. In the AI domain, discussing infrastructure without tangible applications is continuously being debunked.

Secondly, community activity. The term ‘community activity’ doesn’t narrowly refer to the activeness of a community but rather to the project’s scalability within a multi-chain ecosystem. Cross-chain, multi-ecosystem development is a necessary strategic move for AI+Web3 in 2024. This is not just a mainstream technical strategy that integrates AI more deeply into Web3 based on zero-knowledge proof but also the foremost condition for maintaining community activity.

Thirdly, potential returns. The continued growth in AI development will inevitably drive up the average market value of AI-related assets. Investors should combine the above evaluation dimensions to compare the current market values of high-quality projects, identifying the ‘golden targets’ that are more suitable for early participation.


About Sarvis.AI

Sarvis.AI is a private AI assistant grounded in AGI, dedicated to providing a personalized AI service and an AI-driven RPA application ecosystem for global institutions and individual users. It deeply integrates Web3 technology and assets, safeguards data privacy, incentivizes AI training, and is committed to creating a personalized super ‘Sarvis’ assistant for everyone. It has achieved milestones across multiple chains, supporting both Oridinals and Linea ecosystems, and will continue to collaborate with other ecosystems.